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About Us

Thank you so much for visiting my website! I have loved baking since I was a little girl and I am excited to have an opportunity to share my baking with other people.
A Little Bit About Myself:
I have been married for almost four years and we recently had our first child and our other "baby" is a Cocker Spaniel named Aden. I hold a Bachelor's Degree is Marketing and work full-time as a Community Aide for a Commissioner in one of the largest counties in the United States. Although, truth be told, I would love to be a "Stay at Home Cookie Baker/Decorator". 
Because I am a self taught cookie baker/decorator, I spend a fair amount of time trying to come up with new ideas and designs. Of course, any "flops" I encounter, my husband is more than happy to eat when he gets home! My Mom, Dad and Sister (both immediate and in-laws) are extremely supportive of my Rolled Dough shop. They are always encouraging me to bake and create new sugar cookie designs. I'm not sure if it's because they know I have talent OR because I send them samples. Either way we all end up with smiles at the end of the day. I hope to become a vendor for many of you and share a little piece of me with you! Thank you for the opportunity to create something uniquely yours.
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